And the hits just keep on coming…

per adam rubin:

Reyes: ‘No chance’ I’ll play Monday

May 24, 2009

The Mets’ shortstops continue to fall. Jose Reyes did not try to run Sunday as Jerry Manuel expected, and the shortstop told the Daily News there’s “no chance” he’ll play Monday. Meanwhile, Manuel removed Ramon Martinez in the eighth inning with back discomfort, which nearly prevented him from starting. Manuel said he had two lineups on his desk pregame, the other with Fernando Tatis. Martinez said he’d try to start Monday at Citi Field.

Introducing the Mets new SS
Introducing the Mets new SS

This is getting out of control…it almost feels like we are going to have to call the whole AAA buffalo team to play at this point. The funniest part i believe is im sure we all thought going into the season the only person we were worried about injury wise was Castillo…boy would i trade that for this right now. Church is going to see doctors in NY and he can also be heading toward the DL. Ill tell you what, i still have faith we will make it…this will be one hellova story to tell the kids years from now when we win the whole damn thing. LGM


34 thoughts on “And the hits just keep on coming…”

  1. This is getting comical. Its like the Denver Broncos last year losing running back after running back. Now more than anything Omar has gotta make a trade. Btw, can the kid pictured up top hit a curve?

    1. Excellent analogy with the Broncos running backs. Unfortunately for us, our shortstop replacements are not as good as their running back replacements.

  2. Help me Jeebus!

    Wow, now Martinez is hurt, too. I wondered why Tatis came in late, I was hoping it was just because Manuel was taking advantage of a blow out to see how Tatis would do.

    I understand the Mets’ reasoning for not wanting to call up one of their actual prospects (they don’t want to start the rule 5 and the arbitration clocks) so that eliminates guys like Coronado and Tejada, but they may have to call up someone who they DON’T think is a prospect, just to help out. Would that person be Jonathan Malo?

  3. man, if this continues and we are able to stay in the race, imagine how good we can be when everyone is 100%.

    Pls let next week be a week of good news for a change

    1. I really can’t find any theme I like as much as the one we got over here. It says we can download it but I have no clue how to do it.

  4. This is getting beyond bizarre….
    And Reyes – they should have just DL’d him back at the start of this road trip. How long are we going to play with one man short, which now might even be two with day to day Church? and Martinez? (and I never thought I’d be worrying about him).
    We need some healthy players real quick.

    Only good thing I saw all of today is KRod appears to be doing good.

  5. Folks—Just noticed that Metsblog comments are back on, and seem to have been for just a short time…did not want to do anything without the proprietors here approving, but should we be on there promoting this site while we can?

    Just wanted to make sure you all knew…..

    1. Do you think we should wait until we make the switch? I don’t even know how that’s going to work so sure. Maybe we should plan a blitz during the day tomorrow.

      1. I will be very happy to do whatever you guys recommend…not sure, but it looks as though he may have invalidated my past account, so we may all have to re-register, which, considering what we may do, might make it be a good idea to re-register using new names so we can somewhat disguise our intent…won’t work for long, but it may help…I will keep an eye out for what you all think is best.

    2. I’ll leave that up to trs & dirty since this site has their ‘names’ on it. Myself I have not been back to ‘that place’ since the day we left, I don’t want them getting my precious web hits since that seems to be all that is important to the proprietor.

      1. Totally agreed….I have been there a few times, but truthfully, the posts here have been far better, and yours have been outstanding Grave.

        This site is already better than Metsblog.

        At this point, after being away from there this week, and being here, it seems more clear than ever that Matt is where he is for exactly one reason—he got there first.

        Who knows, he very well may be aware of what is going on here, and that could be why he re-instated comments when he said he was not going to…..

        1. I appreciate your kind words. I think ‘better’ is subjective of course, and it depends what one wants from their Met related blog. It is astounding how many of them there are. We are a little fish in a big pond right now.

          We certainly can’t offer on field access or interviews with the players, but we can build a community, something some other places seem dead set against. Of course, as soon as PIX 11 approaches us with a CW network (or is it WB?) corporate tie-in and we get mentioned on ‘One Tree Hill’ then all bets are off.

          1. LOL! Yeah, you are right, but I read a couple of posts at the old place yesterday, and they had the usual embarrassing grammar/spelling/etc errors….I have not noticed too many errors like that here at all.

            As TRS was gracious enough to invite me, I am going to make a post now and then, and will do my best to maintain the very high standard you guys have been setting, which IS most definitely noticed and seriously appreciated.

        1. I don’t care about my own potential banishment, I’ve already stopped going. I’m just saying that, if guerrilla tactics for promotion are being considered, perhaps someone who is actually registering and operating these domains (which I guess means you, TRS & Dirty) should have more weight in deciding such things, if for no other reason than I am completely ignorant of any potential legal ramifications.

          1. interesting point, but I don’t think they could do that…possibly a smarter thing is to not use guerrila like tactics? try to make it more thrown in..although Matt may block our domain name as a keyword once he figures it out

            1. Of course, if he actually reads this public debate, he may already have blocked it. Ah well…My own feeling is I’d rather not go ‘guerrilla’ I’d rather peacefully co-exist, if at all possible.

              I don’t know what sort of impact it has in terms of getting new viewers here but I did go back through a few of my posts here and ‘tag’ a bunch of relevant items in them. We shall see.

          2. I actually think the best thing we should do is combat him with niceness. As much as it pains me to say it. Go to him and say we have developed “the more relaxed” comment section that he can refer to without having his name attached. He knows who all of us are. Might as well just get listed on his site?
            I just don’t know if we want to go to war, at least yet. Give him the Munich terms and see if he allows us part of Poland.

              1. Agreed, now maybe we should delete these comments? Or are they evidence to support our ‘niceness?’

  6. LMAO!!! guys i think i have been exiled on
    I tried to re-register with my same name and i can view the posts but i cannot post myself…

  7. My login is invalid also so either all have to re-register or a select group were banned.

    And I’d really be interested in who has been advising him on the best course of action these past couple of weeks. Professionalism seemed to be lacking, at the very least.

    Reading these post here since it’s inception, and occasionally reading some posts this past week over on that blog, made me realize the ‘tone’ that site has taken. So much doom and gloom and exasperation. I wonder if he realizes the tone of his posts has probably contributed to some of the problems he was alluding to….

    Here, though we all may be just as exasperated with the state of affairs lately with our team, the lighthearted tone infused with the facts and graphics make it so much more enjoyable to read and participate. Plus, I don’t have that feeling of being ‘censored’ as I did over on that other blog….

    1. And I think this sums up best what I was trying to say above:

      Comment from that young 12 year old fan on seeing comments opened again:
      ‘yes, Matt allows us to commment again yay!!!!!!!’

      Allows us???? Something about that just really sticks in my craw…..

    2. I just assumed that the post he was making were designed to get a lot of hits and comments. You can’t say the end is near on one day, that all is better then next and be standing on the bridge today.

      1. You may be right. But it’s definitely bipolar commenting at it’s finest.

        If you regularly read opinions on sites such as Brooklyn Met Fan and Metstradamus, you’ll notice they have a consistent type of theme, or lean towards a consistent type of mindset. MC’s posts, not so much. They were always all over the place and truthfully, I took it at face value, just considering him one of those Met fans that rode the roller coaster not so well.

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