Another Potential Honorary Member of The Injury Corps.

Per our boy adam rubin:


Church to see team doctors tomorrow

May 24, 2009

Ryan Church will be examined by team doctors in New York on Monday, and hopes to get a definitive idea of what’s ailing him and whether he will need to go to the disabled list.

Church has yet to receive an MRI of his troublesome right hamstring, and wants to get the image taken so he can learn if he has a tear. Church’s hamstring problems had caused his hip and back to get out of whack, but that’s been corrected with chiropractic work, so the focus is back on the hamstring muscle. Church doesn’t know if realigning his body has just put stress on the hamstring or there’s something more wrong.

“After last year, let’s just find out what it is and deal with it,” said Church, who did not participate in batting practice with teammates.

A DL stint, if it occurs, is the type of scenario that could result in top prospect Fernando Martinez being promoted from Triple-A Buffalo.


And let appropriatly the s&&& hit the fan. The Majority of the people on the DL are met starters, two of which are very big contributors to the met offense. With this news of churchy possibly joining that list, would that give the opening Fmart needs to join the show? Some would argue though that with pagan/reed/beltran/tatis/sheffield able to play the outfield, another one would be unneccesary and there is some merrit in that arguement. Especially from what we saw out of ramon two nights ago(he did better yesterday by all accounts). The mets may be better served by an IF as this rey rey saga continues. The question becomes however, will this kid(Fmart) give you the offense that he has been totally hyped to be able to produce? If thats the case would promoting him up now be moving him too quickly, especially if he does not succeed right away? Will failue hurt his ego and trade value? Alot more questions than answers as Omar Minaya has definatly had to earn his paycheck so far and is being put to his hardest test in his tenure here. What do you do omar…what do you do.

On a lighter note on rey rey gate(per adam rubin)

Manuel: Reyes could be back Monday

May 24, 2009

Jerry Manuel predicted Jose Reyes “possibly” could return Monday, when the Mets open a home stand. Reyes plans to test his calf running Sunday for the first time.


3 thoughts on “Another Potential Honorary Member of The Injury Corps.”

  1. I dont know about this. Reyes rests 5 days and reinjures the calf worst this time, and now he’s predicted to go out on about 5 days rest again? I guess, as stated it all dpends on how he feels running today.

    1. lol good point! Its the mets qnz. Id be worried as hell if i was a player on the mets and got injured lol. Maybe you and I can apply to be part of the mets doctors staff qnz lol..we cant do any worse than these guys have done already ;p

  2. If Church goes on the DL, I think that will be the straw that forces some type of move. Just can’t keep patching the lineup together and expect continued success.
    Whether’s that a trade for a bat or bringing FMart up, that will be up to Omar.

    With the luck we’ve been having with injuries this past two weeks, it’s hard to make a move b/c you just can’t predict what will happen next. I would be leaning towards trying to get some type of veteran bat. With the way injuries and luck has been going thouogh, I’m sure we will see FMart up her sooner rather than later.

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