Coming soon…the Sequel

One of these gentlemen is trying to get his old job back
One of these gentlemen is trying to get his old job back

bald-eagle-headMet play-by-play announcer Gary Cohen said last night during the 2nd inning, seven innings prior to Omir Santos‘ dramatic game-winning home run, that Brian Schneider’s return is imminent.  Cohen stated that it was likely the recovering catcher would be activated “during the Mets’ next homestand.”

How should the Mets handle his return to the roster?  Baseball insider Ken Davidoff shares his opinion in his ‘Sunday Reading’ today.  What’s yours?


8 thoughts on “Coming soon…the Sequel”

  1. Unfortunately because of contracts and the fact that I believe Santos has options, Omir most likely will be going down once Schneider gets back. Which is bs, but thats the business side of the game. ugh…

  2. Personally I would try and trade Castro in a package for a guy like Jack Wilson. The Pirates are trying to unload him. Who knows something like Castro and Malo/Awful Reyes might even get it done. Saves the Pirates about 4 million that way.

    1. yea but jack is an every day guy. Cora will be back eventually and so will reyes? wouldnt getting him be a waste?

  3. the mets have no choice but to send down santos. Its a very unpopular move and it sux but fact is they cant move schnider/castro contracts and omir has options. Its going to be a sad day indeed. Alot of people are saying omir is playing over his head though. There is a argument there but its too short a time frame to be accurate. Im sure he will be up here soon. Castro is due to get injured.

  4. I’m with TRS on this. If Omir history indicates he’s healthier than Castro, then I would try a trade of Castro also – try and get something back from him in return. Santos has a good arm, appears to call a good game, is younger than Castro and would be a very serviceable back up catcher, or even better yet – platoon with Schneider. Trying to platoon Castro with Schneider was difficult b/c with his history of arthritis of the back, you could never over use him. Omir appears to have some pop to his bat, same as Castro.

    I’ll bet though, they just send Omir back down. With Schneider and Castro’s history of injuries, I’m sure it won’t be long until we see him back.

  5. I bet most people would agree that Santos has already given the Mets more than what was reasonably expected. It’s hard to watch Castro, but he’s the guy with the contract and, as mentioned above, Santos is the guy with options.

  6. Oh, and one more point: Bschneid is the starter, so this is an argument for the backup catcher, who gets in the game once a week.

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