Game Thread: Mets (23-19) vs Red Sox (25-18) And Were Back! Play Ball!

Game Time: 1:35pm
Game Time: 1:35pm
Record: 0-0 Era:3.00 K:4 BB:4 WHIP: 1.00
Record: 0-0 Era:3.00 K:4 BB:4 WHIP: 1.00

Mets Notes:

  • The Mets (23-19) overcame a one-run, ninth-inning deficit for a 3-2 win on Saturday. The victory, though, appeared to be in doubt as Omir Santos’ drive off closer Jonathan Papelbon hit the top of the Green Monster and was ruled a double, preventing Gary Sheffield from scoring the tying run.
  • The Mets, who are 5-4 during their trip, also took the series opener 5-3 to end a four-game slide. They’re now one-half game behind NL East-leading Philadelphia
  • Francisco Rodriguez labeled himself “a lot better” and planned to test his back by tossing a baseball before Sunday’s series finale against the Red Sox, a day after spasms sent him to the hospital in an ambulance. K-Rod said he dramatically improved after receiving medication at the hospital. “As soon as the medicine started kicking in, I started feeling a lot better. And by this morning I was doing a lot of things that I wasn’t capable of last night,,” Rodriguez said. “… The pain went away and I’m feeling pretty good. Man, that was really painful. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I was a little struggling to walk yesterday, but I got some medicine in me and I feel pretty good now.” Manuel labeled it lower back spasms and suggested it was possible he could be available as soon as today, though he wasn’t yet sure.(per adam)
  • Carlos Beltran is DHing again, but Manuel said he would return to center field on Monday when the Mets resume NL play against the Nationals. Ryan Church’s hamstring/hip isn’t doing as well, according to the manager.
  • New York, though, could be without closer Francisco Rodriguez(this is soooo 2008) who was unavailable Saturday after being taken to the hospital for back spasms. The closer, who pitched a perfect ninth Friday, is 1-0 with a 0.87 ERA in 20 games, and has converted all 12 of his save chances.
  • The right-hander allowed two runs and two hits with four strikeouts and four walks in six innings of a 3-2, 11-inning loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers after being activated from the disabled list on Monday.
  • He’s lost both of his career starts against the Red Sox on the road, surrendering 12 runs – eight earned – and 12 hits with seven walks over 5 2-3 innings(so buckle you seat belts kids). However, he hasn’t faced them since being chased after an inning of a loss with the New York Yankees on July 15, 2005.


Dan “The Man” Murphy, 1b
Angel “Flap Your Arms” Pagan, rf
Carlos “Da Tron” Beltran, dh
Gary “The Chef” Sheffield, lf
David “Never Wrong” Wright, 3b
Jeremy “P.F. Flyer” Reed, cf
Ramon “Shrek” Castro, c
Ramon “AAAA” Martinez, ss
Luis “Slappy” Castillo, 2b

Record: 5-2 Era: 3.59 K:30 BB:23 WHIP: 1.25
Record: 5-2 Era: 3.59 K:30 BB:23 WHIP: 1.25

Red Sox Notes:

  • New York will have to contend with 42-year-old knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, as he looks to continue his home success. The right-hander is 5-0 with a 1.80 ERA in his last six starts at Fenway.
  • He kept that streak intact Tuesday, yielding only a solo home run and four singles in eight innings of a 2-1 win over AL East-leading Toronto.
  • Wakefield hasn’t faced the Mets since a loss at Shea Stadium on July 12, 2001, and his last victory against them came with Pittsburgh on Oct. 4, 1992. Since then, he’s 0-3 with a 3.66 ERA in four games with three starts.


Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
J.D. Drew, RF
Mike Lowell, 3B
George Kottaras, C
Nick Green, SS

Let the battle of the two 2nd place teams in the AL/NL east commence. Both of these clubs are only .5 games away from first in their division. The Mets are looking for a sweep that will take their club to 1st place in spite of the many injuries to their club while the Red Sox are looking to avoid a sweep and catch up to the red hot Blue Jays and reclaim their rightful place as the class of that division. Well, as one would say….

At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall!
At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall!

67 thoughts on “Game Thread: Mets (23-19) vs Red Sox (25-18) And Were Back! Play Ball!”

  1. Let’s do this is damn right!

    If we win today, this road trip has to be viewed as a pretty big success….if we lose, 5–5 is OK, but 6–4, with the injuries, with the Inning of Horrors in LA, etc, will be great.

    And we really should be able to win at least 4 of 6 this week from our little 4th and 5th place friends.

    1. yep..good way to look at it king…marlins have just been beat up period(mets should take advantage) and the braves should be beatable…definitely we should try to make moves soon

      1. I agree Dirty….and I am even happier to say that our next four series are home for Wash and Fla, then at Pitts and Wash….that is our next 13 games!

  2. Let’s do this indeed.
    And I can’t believe the amount of injuries on this road trip. If we go 6-4, can we then put the crap of ‘no guts, no heart’ to rest?

    And hummm……didn’t realize Wadefield was 42. Good match up for Redding.

    LGM !

  3. Richard Neer on the FAN just noted that there is a ‘severe thunderstorm watch’ in Boston through 2:30pm, and said in looking at the radar in addition to the storm currently dropping exclamation points on Fenway, there is a second storm just to the west over Worcester MA, and then a third storm behind that.

    Sounds like we may be on and off and on and off all day.

    1. Not sure what you’re watching but WPIX went to a sitcom for now.

      Just saw the Yankees almost tie it up. Play at the plate he was called out though. Yanks got a run back so it’s 2-1, right now.

  4. Oh, man. What’s the problem Redding?
    He doesn’t even have an out yet and just like that 3 runs…

  5. Oh wow, nice grab their DWright.
    Need all the outs we can grab b/c Redding isn’t very sharp yet here today.

  6. Truly, I’m starting to feel bad for Ortiz….
    But nice grab for Murph. Who knew he had quick reflexes?

  7. I just want to come out and say that I was wrong….. I was against the SHeff pickup, but it is looking more and more like a pretty darn good move. I hope he can keep it up



  9. Unbelievable….Sean “cant throw a damn strike” Green.

    why? wth? with a 1 run lead put that piece of garbage in?

  10. FYI guys, Nick Johnson was removed from the Nats starting lineup minutes before gametime setting off a flurry of rumors, but later the Nats equivalent of Kevin Burkhardt interviewed him and he said he “didn’t feel well.” So he’s still a Nat.

      1. They have Ishikawa at 1B, Johnson would definitely be an upgrade.

        By the way, right now I’m under a red (on the radar) thunderstorm cloud, not raining yet but thunder rumbling, should pass soon and hopefully I won’t lose power.

  11. Ok guys, good news is…Lidgge blew another one Lmao!!!!

    Hopefully skanks can win and we can comeback again too

    1. Wow. I was switching back and forth for a while but stopped so I didn’t catch that.

      And for crying out loud, can Stokes just get this third out here????

  12. Not good. Right past Murph down the line so it’s now 8-5.

    When it rains, it pours. O.K. just get this 3rd out. We can get back these 3 runs.

  13. so let me get this straight….redding he lifts before his inning is up because he is getting slammed but stokes….yea lets leave him out there…

  14. So…did our guys do any scouting reports on these Red Sox hitters before the series?
    We’ll know for sure if Ortiz gets a hit now off Stokes. As Gary said ‘he’s fooling no one today’.
    Green was just awful. Tak didn’t get the job done. And Redding started it all.

    On that note, Ortiz just popped out. And wow, Red Sox fans soundly booing him.

    OMG – and Youkilis got his HR.

    Well, a bad outing for our normally good BP, so just have to put this behind us.

    1. yep…manuels stamp is all over this one…no reason really to lift redding vs green…and even LESS reason to put green in the game…when will this guy learn!!!

  15. I know the game isn’t over yet but with our makeshift line up and a 7 run lead, what can you say….

    I said at the beginning of this series, with our patched line-up, it was all going to come down to pitching. Johan and Pelf did just that. KRod, J.J. and Parnell backed them up.

    Not so much today though…

  16. Really have a couple of holes in our pen. I guess most teams do. Green is not good and Takawhatever is just a specialist. Stokes, he just got hit hard. It happens.

  17. Too many guys slumping right now. Tatis, Murph, Castillo, Church.
    Without Delgado, and with Reyes’ status still ‘day to day’, we really have to do this with pitching. And that means 7 quality innings from our starters and Parnell to J.J. to Frankie with Pedro for that one or two needed out from time to time. Anyone else on the mound, well – just scares me right now.
    –Stokes is usually more reliable than we saw him today but I guess when it falls apart, it all falls apart.

    Wonder what’s up with Ollie’s rehab? We really need a competent Ollie back in this rotation. Livan we can probably live with but Redding and Livan as #4 and #5? Too scary….

      1. Well shoot, just saw they gave up a run to the Phills in the top of the 11th.

        Ha! Boston fans chanting ‘Go Home Mets’….
        They’re just mad b/c they thought they were gonna sweep all 3 games.

        1. well, winning a series at fenway and having paps blow a save is always good in my book. Especially with a depleted roster.

          Gj Mets.

  18. Well, I signed up for 5-5 at the start of the road trip. Would have been happy if they had a winning trip though…

    This was just not good pitching at all today. Even with this lineup, we got 5 runs. If the pitching was as good as it as the past two days, we could have swept Boston.

    Oh well, get back home, get Reyes back in the line up and go from there.

  19. I really have no problem with this one. Our #6 starter loses to Wakefield and we finish 5-5? No big deal considering where most of us expected it to end after the series in LA. Gotta get healthy and beat up on weaker teams this week.

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