Got Some Cleaning To Do

Mets at Red Sox: Game 3 Preview






























New York Mets
Name Injury Status
, RF
Sore left hamstring day-to-day
, 2B
Torn right thumb ligament on 15-day DL
, 1B
Right hip impingement on 15-day DL
, P
Right patellar tendinitis on 15-day DL
, SS
Right calf tendinitis day-to-day
, SS
Right calf stiffness day-to-day
, P
Back spasms day-to-day
, C
Strained back muscle on 15-day DL
, P
Left elbow surgery – out for season on 15-day DL

Add Carlos Beltran to that list as well.  I would assume he would be playing in CF if the DH were not available.  That’s some list.

9 thoughts on “Got Some Cleaning To Do”

  1. ugh…look at that injury list..the fact that we are still in it should be enough to silence the bs talks about grit/heart/edge.

    1. Was just thinking that same thing myself. We had a good – what? – 6 week run with limited injuries. Then it appeared to all fall apart at once.

      1. and yet we are only .5 games out of first…its got to be some nerve to say this team has no heart/grit/edge

        1. Luckily the calendar says “May” because otherwise it is eerily similar to last year: The perfectly healthy Philadelphia Phillies ever so slightly ahead of the injury ravaged Mets.

  2. Lets just hope the list starts shrinking and nor growing like it has been. Man, this week was terrible, new injuries almost every day.

  3. I love Mr. Met driving the ambulance. Well, actually I hate it, but I like the image if not the fact.

    Are the Mets, like South Park’s Timmy, living a lie? If they complete the sweep of the Red Sox today, with Tim Redding on the mound, and with the injury list you note above, I believe the Mets are The Truth.

  4. I voted for 5-5 for this road trip on that poll. I’d like to lose that bet though and see a win here today. Two of three series wins on the road would be very good.

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