If Your Reading This…You Are The Resistance…


So i just tried to re-register on metsblog.com as it seems Matt reopened his comment section. It seems that i am able to review the posts that other bloggers made but i cannot comment on behalf of myself. Now i have tried on Firefox and Internet Explorer, only to find the same result. We started this site because we felt Matt was ignoring his bloggers that constantly give him traffic and makes his site the success that it is. How true to form i guess that Matt aparently has some of us blocked already. Its funny though, i joined Metsblog a 2 years ago and i attribue alot of my knowledge about the game to the debates and dialogue i had on that site. It just amazes me that for a simple request, Matt allowed this to go this far. I am interested to know if any of you have experianced the same thing. As far as this blogger…its safe to put me on the “ex-metsblog.com” blogger list…as im curious to know how the people outside his 50 “most trusted” bloggers feel about it. While i couldnt help myself with this quote above…it seems all too appropriate.


27 thoughts on “If Your Reading This…You Are The Resistance…”

  1. yea, thats too bad. For him that is….Let his trusted 50 comment all they want. Dont really care.

    I honestly am not even willing to go back and see if i am blocked or not. Not going to give him the hits to his site. In time, with more quality posts, we will have a nice sized community of educated fans.

    good riddance to Cerrone and Metsblog

  2. Same here.

    I really did try to put myself in his shoes and view this as he apparently was. No matter how I thought about it though, it appears to me he lost control (or what he perceives his control) and it was through no fault of his own.

    It’s a damn shame someone with that much exposure who built a hobby into a successful business, would feel that insecure about said business….

    I can’t see myself trying to participate over there anymore. It just feels like too much censure. And to tell the truth, I absolutely love the posts here better being written by our fine author. Some much more relaxed.

    Great job! –And thanks for ‘letting’ me participate as a commenter!

    1. thanks decades..what gets me is..i did the same as you in that i tried to put myself in his shoes. He had only ONE issue..just ONE issue to fix. Soo insignificant and he allowed it to get this big. Had he just changed his comment section as his fans asked him to do(and its not like he even goes there anymore) we ALL would still be on Metsblog right now…i guess things happen for a reason but this..imo is so childish and unnecessary.

  3. I browse the blogs for information. I generally don’t post since the level of viciousness over the most inconsequential subjects on the internet is quite high. I found this blog from scanning some of the comments at Metsblog so I assume you were all part of the Metsblog comments community and found yourself at odds with Mr. Cerrone. As you’re finding out running a blog and keeping it populated with interesting subjects is not easy. I wish you the very best of luck.

    1. no it is not easy and whats worse is that im not being paid to do this. The reason (im speaking for myself) i found myself at odds with Mr. Cerrone was just a simple request to change the format of the comment section to a format he already had. Several people also commented the same. Days turned into week..weeks turned into months. Since we make a small percentage of his polls apparently we are insignificant to the success of his blog. Now while i agree with you that running a blog is not as easy as it looks, when you have you work cut out for you..especially from the people that help you make your living…why not do it. Thats my beef with cerrone…and to top it off, he opens the comment section for a “select” group of bloggers…what kind of business man does that. Im fine with where i am at over here. Thanks for the luck gate. I hope you can continue to come here and feel free to express your mind in an intelligent and constructive manner. You will never feel that your opinions on how to improve this place will got unnoticed.

    2. Funny thing is I was never really at odds with Cerrone. We just wanted our comment section back and him to listen and acknowledge our position.

      1. I was a supporter for a long while, even when the tide began to turn. Some couldn’t wait to jump on first to each post and point out the factual and spelling mistakes. I used to just shake my head as even if I noticed them, I didn’t feel I was above anybody to correct them.

        What finally got to me is I really enjoyed the debates back and forth, especially on non game posts, and the format made it impossible to do so. It changed sometimes daily. No mention of why, no matter how many asked. The more time went by without a mention, the more vicious it got. Then the final post blaming his loyal readers for the problem.

        I don’t own/run any blogs, and certainly not for my livelihood, but I believe you need thicker skin than that to survive.

        1. agreed. To think he is getting paid for it. It just boggles my mind for such a insignificant request and it had to get to this point. Just change it back to the old format…its not like you had to create a new one.

        2. Agreed, I never really cared about the grammar or misspelling. I can’t do either, social studies teacher LOL. However, I really felt that as he became more important in Mets word he forgot where he came from and who helped him get there.

        3. and to think i defended the guy when the sticklers came out to attack him with his grammer..even more so THE PEOPLE THAT ARE “BANISHED” FROM METS BLOG WERE THE ONES THAT WERE EVEN POLICING THE SITE! Matt never really policed that site and we all banned together and policed it for him and this is how we get rewarded…

          1. Agreed, ALL of this could have been avoided if HE had taken the time to either police the board himself or allow a moderator. Many of us offered.
            I still really thought that WE were part of the 50 trusted bloggers. I wonder who the hell are the 50? There is none of the crew left over there. I also wonder that if we had not started this if he planned on us being that? I still can’t accept that he would turn on his loyal and biggest supporters.

            1. apparently we are not included on the loyal and biggest supporters list real…that is what pisses me off the most…i mean we fought alot of the morons that posted the “get manny” or alex when he started with his wright bull. It was a SIMPLE request….thats just what boggles my mind. I replied to your email btw

              1. everything said here makes sense…
                thing with this site, is everyone has to make sure they have seen what CAN happen if you let success go to your head…we can hope that the new venture does well, but lets all remember, this is a for the fans by the fans operation

  4. Thing is, I don’t know how he made the determination who were his ‘trusted’ and who were not. By his own admission, he hardly ever read any of the comments.

    I’m willing to bet it was by sheer numbers alone that he made his decision. As I know I made several comments on just about every post, I probably was one flagged as a ‘problem’. LOL.

    No matter. It’s probably a good thing for me. I really didn’t realize until he shut it down and you all started this one, the difference an atmosphere can make. Didn’t realize I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore – but I am once again.

  5. I guess I’m part of the sorry outcasts. Got the invalid username message.

    Love the disclaimer though:

    The comment section of this website is for adding your own commentary to a specific post on MetsBlog.com. I highly encourage you to challenge me, your fellow readers and to engage in an intelligent discussion about the initial post. However, should you personally attack a fellow reader, in any way, your comment will be removed. If you are making random, unrelated remarks for the sake of writing to this blog your comment will be removed. Swearing, racial slurs, violent remarks, and hateful comments directed towards me, my readers or the team, as well as irrelevant babble, are not welcome on this site. Also, altering the way words are spelled, such as adding symbols and random letters to disguise the remark, will not allow the comment to stand. If a reader continues to behave in this manner, he or she will have their posting privileges revoked. Good luck, welcome aboard, and Let’s Go Mets.

    What an A**hole!

  6. Do not give “The Blog That Has No Name” a second thought guys. Anyplace that treats its fan base the way it did after years of support is not worth it. Anyplace where freedom of speech is controlled by a inner circle and where opinions & suggestions that don’t meet the “agenda” are frowned upon to the point where you must be conscious to tread carefully is no place you want to be.

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