Mets Road Trip 5-5
Mets Road Trip 5-5

So the Mets split their early season road trip 5-5 and now go home to face some good ole fashion division rivals for a bit. For me this road trip showed flashes of the type of team the Mets can be and i hope will be eventually by years end. With ALL the injuries that this team has underwent it is even amazing they took 2-3 in boston. Thats why it always bothered me that people would really try and make an arguement that the mets lack heart/grit. These guys played their hearts out and came back in a few games during this road trip vs Lincecum and Papelbon. I hope this at least opened the eyes of the naysayers that these guys do have that “edge” Omar is talking about and it is by no means over. These guys can fight and will fight. Sometimes you win and sometimes you dont. My favorite quote for baseball and life really is “You can fail 7 out of 10 times and still end up with a .300 avg”….think about that.


2 thoughts on “Split”

  1. As someone who, many years ago, used to bowl regularly both for recreation and in competitive leagues, the picture of that split is very distressing. Have you ever tried to make one of those? The 7-10 split is a nightmare. Ugh, so many open frames…

    1. its got to be nearly impossible. I have only hit that shot ONCE in my whole life. I just heaved the ball as hard as i could to the left pin and the ricochet by pure luck hit the other pin to nail the spare.

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