We Have Moved.

Be sure to join us over at our new blog.

Ah the good ole days, right?


14 thoughts on “We Have Moved.”

  1. Home is right TRS86. I am looking forward to enjoying fun and sometimes passionate debate about the “Tie That Binds Us” Our New York Mets.

    Hoping to watch this site grow into the place where all voices are heard, thoughts are welcome, and healthy debate is a welcome challenge.
    Where eventually anyone that wants to gauge the pulse of Mets Country know that the place to do that is realdirtymets.wordpress.com.

    Lastly I hope this site succeeds where other Blogs have failed in remembering where it comes from,
    A Mets Fan seeking to be heard.

    You can count on me to do what I can in the success of this Blog.

    “Ah, Home Sweet Home.”

    1. Sure thing. I plan on registering it with yahoo and google later today. As well as trying to get on sportsypder.
      Lets plan a blitz of very place we know tomorrow.

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