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so, the moment is here.. has been registered and is available… a basic page is available for now… I don’t want to take up blog space for conversation, so feel free to check out the new, infantile stage forum at so we can get things squared away. See you over there!


Headed to Bean Town…

Wish the team, and myself luck!

wish us luckI’m headed up to Boston this morning, I’ll be attending my second overall game at historic Fenway Park, but first with the Mets in town.

I will also be bringing my fiance’s 14 year old godson who is a Red Sox fan to his first game at Fenway as well, so i’m very excited for him to experience this.

My only other time at Fenway was a Blue Jays game in 2007, where I was very drunk, very quickly and had no interest in the outcome of the game, so it couldn’t have been a better experience… this time though, I’ll be wearing Mets gear, but behaving myself, that’s for sure.

With all that said, lets hope the Mets get on a winning track, and we need to root for those Yanks as well.  As much as it pains me, but in the grand scheme of things, their record doesn’t impact us at all unless its in our egos, but the Phillies record matters.

I will return late Saturday afternoon and at that time, we should be able to begin the move to, giving out email addresses and settin up shop in our new digs.  I’m very excited and very happy we’ve found such a good “core” of potential writers, supporters, moderators, etc etc, and I feel this will be extremely successful.

Alright guys, I hope to come back to another win, and more excitement over our venture, at least one of those things is a guarantee, the other…sits on the wide shoulders of Johan Santana.

See everyone tomorrow, with photos of the game, hold down the fort, and most importantly ..

lets go mets

Poll about old comments and new venture

Hey everybody,

Cerrone just posted that he will be addressing the comment section later today, how do we all feel about this?  More importantly, how many people will still support and help our fan venture grow? Registration has begun: CELEBRATE!

Its official, the $9.95 has been paid and the Interet will now be propogating the DNS Records for our domain (if you don’t understand that gargon, it means that people need to know how to find our new site!)

When its up and running, i’ll setup all the new stuff, and what not…

also, i’m testing an idea here of putting in a link to a forum topic as well as having comments, its manual for now, but maybe eventually automatic for certain topics

To discuss this in our temporary forum, follow this link

Should it be

NL East Chatter
NL East Chatter

So, I do think were mainly on board with the new NL East Chatter site, would be the address.  Being I think we now have a split group at the temporary forum and here on the Real Dirty Met’s Blog, I wanted to cover as much ground as possible.

I do believe by first thing tomorrow AM, I will go ahead and register the domain and begin working on things over there.  We will need help, specifically:

  • People to make more images, like the one above given by BobbyV2010, which is awesome
  • Possibly web developers, since that will only make the site better
  • Fans of rival teams, in the NL East to blog and chat here on the site, without being angry and destructive about the other teams in the division
  • Administrators for the forum site
  • Great insight, see above.

Anyway, with all these things, we should be very successful.  But if anyone has a problem with the name above, speak now, or forever hold your peace.  Remember, we want this to be about all of us fans, so I want to give equal opportunity here.