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The Lineup

By George…I think hes got it??!!

line up card

Jose “The Professor” Reyes, ss
Luis “Slappy” Castillo, 2b
Carlos “The Tron” Beltran, cf
David “Never Wrong” Wright, 3b
Dan “The Man” Murphy, 1b
Ryan “Church on Wednesday” Church, rf
Ramon “Shrek” Castro, c
Angel “Flap your wings” Pagan, lf
Livan “I love you Miami” Hernandez, rhp


So how did/does it come to this?

RamonAs most of the regulars on the ole blog know I have been an Omar supporter as well as the Wilpons.  I am not a big fan of Jerry and grow more and more angry with him daily.

However, how is it that the team with the highest payroll in the NL has a lineup that looks like this?

Reyes, Murphy, Beltran, Wright, Church, Martinez, Reed, Santos, Pitcher

I understand the injury to Delgado.  But did we expect him to be healthy all year?  This is NOT a competitive lineup and SOMEONE is to blame.

Rumors: DeRosa?

According to John Heyman over at the Indians have DeRosa on the block already.  He thinks the Met’s are interested, however have Nick Johnson and Aubrey Huff ahead of him.

While DeRosa is versatile, do we need another jack of all trades or someone who actually plays 1B or LF everydaDeRosa?y?

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