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I hate West Coast Road Trips.


I know how you feel John.
I know how you feel John.

This is not good for me or anyone around me.  Staying up to 1:00 AM and having to get up at 5:30?  All to see Ryan Broken Confidence Church and Ramon I wish I was the Pitcher Martinez bat 5th and 6th?  WHY?

So what do we wake up to this morning?  All the geniuses in the sports world commenting on the Met’s power outage.  Well lets see

Reyes, Murphy, Beltran, Wright, Church, Ramon Friggin Martinez, Jeremy Friggin Reed, Santos, Maine.

Yup, I wonder why there is no power production?  Come on.  Did anyone notice that Beltran and Wright were never really pitched to with men on base?  Duh.


What to do with 1B?

Assuming that you don’t enjoy seeing Reed trot out there every night at 1B when we are supposed to be competitive, what should the Met’s do to solve this issue?

There are some obvious directions the Mets could go.

1) Go with what we have and put Tatis at 1B, Sheff in LF and Church in RF.  Murphy either stays to be the primary sub or goes back to AAA to learn ANY position.

2) Sign a scrub that did not get picked up like Richie Sexson.  I don’t know if he has been working out or not.

3) Trade for a lower level or cheap 1B option like Nick Johnson, Aubrey Huff or Chad Tracy.

4) Trade for an upper level 1B like Victor Martinez.

5) Solve LF and let Tatis play 1B full-time.

What do you guys think?