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If Your Reading This…You Are The Resistance…


So i just tried to re-register on as it seems Matt reopened his comment section. It seems that i am able to review the posts that other bloggers made but i cannot comment on behalf of myself. Now i have tried on Firefox and Internet Explorer, only to find the same result. We started this site because we felt Matt was ignoring his bloggers that constantly give him traffic and makes his site the success that it is. How true to form i guess that Matt aparently has some of us blocked already. Its funny though, i joined Metsblog a 2 years ago and i attribue alot of my knowledge about the game to the debates and dialogue i had on that site. It just amazes me that for a simple request, Matt allowed this to go this far. I am interested to know if any of you have experianced the same thing. As far as this blogger…its safe to put me on the “” blogger list…as im curious to know how the people outside his 50 “most trusted” bloggers feel about it. While i couldnt help myself with this quote above…it seems all too appropriate.


And the hits just keep on coming…

per adam rubin:

Reyes: ‘No chance’ I’ll play Monday

May 24, 2009

The Mets’ shortstops continue to fall. Jose Reyes did not try to run Sunday as Jerry Manuel expected, and the shortstop told the Daily News there’s “no chance” he’ll play Monday. Meanwhile, Manuel removed Ramon Martinez in the eighth inning with back discomfort, which nearly prevented him from starting. Manuel said he had two lineups on his desk pregame, the other with Fernando Tatis. Martinez said he’d try to start Monday at Citi Field.

Introducing the Mets new SS
Introducing the Mets new SS

This is getting out of control…it almost feels like we are going to have to call the whole AAA buffalo team to play at this point. The funniest part i believe is im sure we all thought going into the season the only person we were worried about injury wise was Castillo…boy would i trade that for this right now. Church is going to see doctors in NY and he can also be heading toward the DL. Ill tell you what, i still have faith we will make it…this will be one hellova story to tell the kids years from now when we win the whole damn thing. LGM


Mets Road Trip 5-5
Mets Road Trip 5-5

So the Mets split their early season road trip 5-5 and now go home to face some good ole fashion division rivals for a bit. For me this road trip showed flashes of the type of team the Mets can be and i hope will be eventually by years end. With ALL the injuries that this team has underwent it is even amazing they took 2-3 in boston. Thats why it always bothered me that people would really try and make an arguement that the mets lack heart/grit. These guys played their hearts out and came back in a few games during this road trip vs Lincecum and Papelbon. I hope this at least opened the eyes of the naysayers that these guys do have that “edge” Omar is talking about and it is by no means over. These guys can fight and will fight. Sometimes you win and sometimes you dont. My favorite quote for baseball and life really is “You can fail 7 out of 10 times and still end up with a .300 avg”….think about that.

Game Thread: Mets (23-19) vs Red Sox (25-18) And Were Back! Play Ball!

Game Time: 1:35pm
Game Time: 1:35pm
Record: 0-0 Era:3.00 K:4 BB:4 WHIP: 1.00
Record: 0-0 Era:3.00 K:4 BB:4 WHIP: 1.00

Mets Notes:

  • The Mets (23-19) overcame a one-run, ninth-inning deficit for a 3-2 win on Saturday. The victory, though, appeared to be in doubt as Omir Santos’ drive off closer Jonathan Papelbon hit the top of the Green Monster and was ruled a double, preventing Gary Sheffield from scoring the tying run.
  • The Mets, who are 5-4 during their trip, also took the series opener 5-3 to end a four-game slide. They’re now one-half game behind NL East-leading Philadelphia
  • Francisco Rodriguez labeled himself “a lot better” and planned to test his back by tossing a baseball before Sunday’s series finale against the Red Sox, a day after spasms sent him to the hospital in an ambulance. K-Rod said he dramatically improved after receiving medication at the hospital. “As soon as the medicine started kicking in, I started feeling a lot better. And by this morning I was doing a lot of things that I wasn’t capable of last night,,” Rodriguez said. “… The pain went away and I’m feeling pretty good. Man, that was really painful. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I was a little struggling to walk yesterday, but I got some medicine in me and I feel pretty good now.” Manuel labeled it lower back spasms and suggested it was possible he could be available as soon as today, though he wasn’t yet sure.(per adam)
  • Carlos Beltran is DHing again, but Manuel said he would return to center field on Monday when the Mets resume NL play against the Nationals. Ryan Church’s hamstring/hip isn’t doing as well, according to the manager.
  • New York, though, could be without closer Francisco Rodriguez(this is soooo 2008) who was unavailable Saturday after being taken to the hospital for back spasms. The closer, who pitched a perfect ninth Friday, is 1-0 with a 0.87 ERA in 20 games, and has converted all 12 of his save chances.
  • The right-hander allowed two runs and two hits with four strikeouts and four walks in six innings of a 3-2, 11-inning loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers after being activated from the disabled list on Monday.
  • He’s lost both of his career starts against the Red Sox on the road, surrendering 12 runs – eight earned – and 12 hits with seven walks over 5 2-3 innings(so buckle you seat belts kids). However, he hasn’t faced them since being chased after an inning of a loss with the New York Yankees on July 15, 2005.


Dan “The Man” Murphy, 1b
Angel “Flap Your Arms” Pagan, rf
Carlos “Da Tron” Beltran, dh
Gary “The Chef” Sheffield, lf
David “Never Wrong” Wright, 3b
Jeremy “P.F. Flyer” Reed, cf
Ramon “Shrek” Castro, c
Ramon “AAAA” Martinez, ss
Luis “Slappy” Castillo, 2b

Record: 5-2 Era: 3.59 K:30 BB:23 WHIP: 1.25
Record: 5-2 Era: 3.59 K:30 BB:23 WHIP: 1.25

Red Sox Notes:

  • New York will have to contend with 42-year-old knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, as he looks to continue his home success. The right-hander is 5-0 with a 1.80 ERA in his last six starts at Fenway.
  • He kept that streak intact Tuesday, yielding only a solo home run and four singles in eight innings of a 2-1 win over AL East-leading Toronto.
  • Wakefield hasn’t faced the Mets since a loss at Shea Stadium on July 12, 2001, and his last victory against them came with Pittsburgh on Oct. 4, 1992. Since then, he’s 0-3 with a 3.66 ERA in four games with three starts.


Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
J.D. Drew, RF
Mike Lowell, 3B
George Kottaras, C
Nick Green, SS

Let the battle of the two 2nd place teams in the AL/NL east commence. Both of these clubs are only .5 games away from first in their division. The Mets are looking for a sweep that will take their club to 1st place in spite of the many injuries to their club while the Red Sox are looking to avoid a sweep and catch up to the red hot Blue Jays and reclaim their rightful place as the class of that division. Well, as one would say….

At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall!
At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall!

Another Potential Honorary Member of The Injury Corps.

Per our boy adam rubin:


Church to see team doctors tomorrow

May 24, 2009

Ryan Church will be examined by team doctors in New York on Monday, and hopes to get a definitive idea of what’s ailing him and whether he will need to go to the disabled list.

Church has yet to receive an MRI of his troublesome right hamstring, and wants to get the image taken so he can learn if he has a tear. Church’s hamstring problems had caused his hip and back to get out of whack, but that’s been corrected with chiropractic work, so the focus is back on the hamstring muscle. Church doesn’t know if realigning his body has just put stress on the hamstring or there’s something more wrong.

“After last year, let’s just find out what it is and deal with it,” said Church, who did not participate in batting practice with teammates.

A DL stint, if it occurs, is the type of scenario that could result in top prospect Fernando Martinez being promoted from Triple-A Buffalo.


And let appropriatly the s&&& hit the fan. The Majority of the people on the DL are met starters, two of which are very big contributors to the met offense. With this news of churchy possibly joining that list, would that give the opening Fmart needs to join the show? Some would argue though that with pagan/reed/beltran/tatis/sheffield able to play the outfield, another one would be unneccesary and there is some merrit in that arguement. Especially from what we saw out of ramon two nights ago(he did better yesterday by all accounts). The mets may be better served by an IF as this rey rey saga continues. The question becomes however, will this kid(Fmart) give you the offense that he has been totally hyped to be able to produce? If thats the case would promoting him up now be moving him too quickly, especially if he does not succeed right away? Will failue hurt his ego and trade value? Alot more questions than answers as Omar Minaya has definatly had to earn his paycheck so far and is being put to his hardest test in his tenure here. What do you do omar…what do you do.

On a lighter note on rey rey gate(per adam rubin)

Manuel: Reyes could be back Monday

May 24, 2009

Jerry Manuel predicted Jose Reyes “possibly” could return Monday, when the Mets open a home stand. Reyes plans to test his calf running Sunday for the first time.

A Pair Of Stunners


On saturday night, both NY teams came back to beat some of the most dominant closers in the game. For the Yanks they had to do battle against Brad Lidge. Brad has not had the same success as last year but the guy is still lights out(for the most part). Brad was 8/9 in save opps going into the Yankee game and was given a 2 run lead to protect. Arod had  something to say about that and greated him with his second blown save of the year by slamming a 2 run homerun at Yankee Stadium(shocker). Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera put the final nail in the coffin to complete the comeback with a walk of single by the milk man. A little bit up north, the Mets were faced with a simliar challenge. Their challenge..The Pap. Now Papelbon was a perfect 11/11 in saves opps going into the Met game and was asked to hold a 1 run lead…obviously nobody told Omir this ;p. In the bottom of the ninth, Gary got himself on base(as usual) via walk. Two outs later, Omir steps up to the plate and hits a (reviewed) HR off the green monster that put the Mets up by 1. JJ came in and closed the door. I guess for one night only at least, the Mets and Yanks can find a common ground and work together to get the job done. Papelbon was quoted as saying that he loves interleague play..wonder if he loves it now as the Mets are the only team so far to hand Pap a blown save. A shout out also goes to Joe Maddon for just kicking the crap out of the Marlins this weekend.

Game Thread: Mets (22-19) vs Red Sox (25-17)

Game Time: 7:10 pm  Game Temp: 80's
Game Time: 7:10 pm
Record:4-1 Era:4.61 K:11 BB:17 WHIP:1.54
Record:4-1 Era:4.61 K:11 BB:17 WHIP:1.54

Mets Notes:

  • The New York Mets overcame more troublesome fielding to end a season-high four-game losing streak in Friday night’s series opener against the Boston Red Sox.
  • The Mets (22-19) are one of the worst defensive teams in baseball with 35 errors, and David Wright has been the biggest culprit with seven after committing 16 all last season
  • Pelfrey, who has never faced Boston, has won his only two interleague starts with both coming on the road, but he’s given up 10 runs and 16 hits in 11 innings in those contests
  • Carlos Beltran, bothered by a bruised knee, has opted to DH rather than play center field Saturday night. That means David Wright at third base and Jeremy Reed in center field.


Daniel Murphy 1b

Angel Pagan RF

Carlos Beltran DH

Gary Sheffield LF

David Wright 3B

Jeremy Reed CF

Omir Santos C

Ramon Martinez(ugh) SS

Luis Castillo 2B

Record:4-2 Era:5.85 K:46 BB:23 WHIP:1.66
Record:4-2 Era:5.85 K:46 BB:23 WHIP:1.66

Red Sox Notes:

  • The Mets will attempt to beat Boston ace Josh Beckett for only the third time in 14 tries Saturday night when the teams play the middle game of their interleague set at Fenway Park.
  • The right-hander is 6-2 with a 2.50 ERA in 13 career starts against the Mets – all but one outing coming with NL East rival Florida. He hasn’t lost to them since pitching for the Marlins on April 15, 2005, and is 3-0 with a 2.70 ERA in four starts since. He last faced them at New York on June 28, 2006, leading the Red Sox to a 10-2 win.
  • Beckett has been solid of late, going 2-0 with a 3.79 ERA and 15 strikeouts in 19 innings over his last three starts. He’ll attempt to help Boston win for the fourth time in five games.
  • Beckett labored through a season-high 120 pitches over seven innings last Saturday, yielding three runs and four hits while striking out five, walking three and hitting another batter in a 5-3 win at Seattle


Jacoby Ellsbury CF

Dustin Pedroia 2B

David Ortiz DH

Kevin Youkilis 1B

Jason Bay LF

J.D. Drew RF

Mike Lowell 3B

Jason Varitek C

Nick Green SS