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Game Thread: Mets (21-19) vs Red Sox (25-16)

Game Time: 7:10 pm  Game Temp: 80's
Game Time: 7:10 pm Game Temp: 80's
Record: 5-2 Era:1.36 K:67 BB:11 WHIP: 1.04
Record: 5-2 Era:1.36 K:67 BB:11 WHIP: 1.04


  • The Mets, who went 9-6 against the AL last year, are batting .218 with six runs during the slide after averaging 6.2 runs and batting .312 in winning 11 of the previous 13.
  • The two-time Cy Young Award winner, however, is coming off his worst performance of the season. He allowed season highs of six runs — four earned — and 11 hits while striking out seven in seven innings as the Mets (21-19)won 9-6 at San Francisco on Saturday.
  • That’s also the last time New York won, as the club has dropped a season high-tying four games in a row after falling 2-1 at Los Angeles on Wednesday
  • Manuel said J.J. Putz is still dealing with some neck discomfort, but is available


Murphy, 1b
Church, rf
Beltran, dh
Sheffield, lf
Wright, 3b
Reed, cf
Santos, c
Martinez, ss
Castillo, 2b

Record: 0-1 Era:12.79 K:5 BB:5 WHIP:3.00
Record: 0-1 Era:12.79 K:5 BB:5 WHIP:3.00


  • The Red Sox went 11-7 in interleague play last season, including six wins in nine games at Fenway. They’re 10-8 all-time against the Mets (21-19), sweeping a three-game series in the last meeting June 27-29, 2006.
  • The Red Sox (25-16) completed a three-game series sweep of East-leading Toronto on Wednesday with a 5-1 victory. That winning streak has put them one-half game behind the Blue Jays for first place.
  • Boston is expected to activate Matsuzaka (0-1, 12.79 ERA) from the disabled list in order for him to make his first start against the Mets. The right-hander has been on the DL with right arm fatigue since April 15, one day after he was tagged for five runs and five hits in one inning of a 6-5, 12-inning loss at Oakland.


Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
David Ortiz, DH
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
J.D. Drew, RF
Mike Lowell, 3B
Jason Varitek, C
Julio Lugo, SS


Rey Rey Gate


per rubins blog:

Jose Reyes had red eyes, and no wonder given his lack of sleep. He flew with the team cross country after Wednesday’s loss in L.A., then caught a second flight to New York. After an MRI and exam, he was back in Boston by 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Reyes said he is not available in any capacity Friday, and he won’t participate in pregame activities with teammates. He didn’t want to speculate about the DL, but this is something that may linger and land him there eventually despite the optimism and day-to-day listing

“I don’t want to be in the lineup too soon if I’m not ready,” Reyes said. “I have to be sure I can play all nine innings.”

Reyes said the right calf is worse than when he arrived in San Francisco.

“San Francisco it didn’t feel that bad,” he said. “I even wanted to play that day.”

Jerry Manuel said not placing Reyes on the DL has nothing to do with Alex Cora being inactive.

“I would hope not,” the manager added.

Manuel said Fernando Tatis could start at shortstop at some point, but that clearly wouldn’t be before Sunday, since Mike Pelfrey on Saturday is a ground-ball pitcher. Manuel indicated that he doesn’t necessarily believe Tatis is an inferior shortstop to Ramon Martinez, but the manager noted that Tatis hasn’t played there in a while.

“It’s almost unfair to put him in that situation and expect him to play well,” Manuel said.

Martinez, who had sports hernia surgery in late March, took only three weeks to resume baseball activities and had no troubles. He noted no one can replace Reyes.

“He’s one of the best shortstops and players in the big leagues,” Martinez said. “Right now, whoever comes in, nobody is going to fill in.”




Ah…the quote that will live in infamy but so appropriate for the Mets. Manuel has said recently that he will be conducting fielding practice before most games. Nobody wants that more and probably would stress that more than tonight’s starter Johan Santana. So far this year, the Mets have committed 8 errors on the field behind him, which we all know have lead to several unearned runs. Some of which have been game winning runs. Alas the winds may change in Johan’s favor as opponents main defensive target, Daniel Murphy.. will be playing a little closer to home at 1b. The Mets have got to tighten this up very quickly as the sawx are notorious for capitalizing on mistakes and lord knows we make many of them behind Johan. This does open a door to a compelling question however in that the Mets have a dilemma at SS. As you all may be aware of or not, Rey rey has a bum knee and probably wont be playing tonigh. Now as the manager you have two options for SS at the moment in Tatis(who only has 4 games at SS) or Martinez(career IF but has commited 2 errors already). We all know the black hole that is Martinez in the lineup, but we also know the “limited” experiance of Tatis in that position…as the manager of the Mets(i know we are not but im sure we stayed at a holiday inn last night…which automatically makes some of us more qualified than Manuel lol j/k…sort of) what do you do?

Time To Lock and Load

lock and load

As several of us have posted and witnessed, the mets offense needs to step up to the plate. The tag team champs cannot do this on their own and will most certianly require the help of someone…ANYONE to step it up this series in order to turn the recent pitching gems into wins. Lets look at a few May canadates by the numbers…

Ryan Church(before he bumped his head): 67ab/.299AVG/.364OBP/6HR/13RBI

Fernando Tatis: 32ab/.281AVG/.314OBP/1HR/7RBI

Ramon Casto: 22ab/.318AVG/.423OBP/5RBI

Jose Reyes(i know hes injured and this may be adding salt to a wound but): 117ab/.316AVG/.383OBP/5HR/15RBI/11SB

Or will it be the X-factor Dan”The Man” Murphy as he was not with us in May last year. Regardless..we need at least one person to step up here and deliver…we need someone to let the monster out of the cage ;p



The Dirt on Tonights Matchup

AL Clubhouses/Bars
AL Clubhouses/Bars
NL Clubhouses/Bars
NL Clubhouses/Bars
This must have been the scene in many AL/NL clubhouses and bars on 2/2/08 when the Mets officially acquired Johan Santana from the Twins. Since then Johan Santana has literally dominated the NL. Granted some of that success may be attributed to the fact that very few NL hitters have ever faced Johan. Tonight’s matchup is an opponent that Johan has not had to deal with for quite some time. We must remember had played with the Twins for 8 Years and has faced the Sawx a few times. The numbers break down like this:

In 9 starts against the Boston Red Sox, Johan is

 4-4 with a 3.40ERA, 1.24WHIP and a .250BAA

 I don’t like using team stats too much as they don’t really reflect the changes the teams have made over the years. So using the lineup information that grave provided to us earlier, I researched their individual accomplishments (or lack thereof ;p) against the awesomeness that is Johan Santana

 Ellsbury-Never Faced him

Pedrioa- 2/5 .400avg/ .400ops

Ortiz- 2/11 .182avg/.250ops/ 4K’s

Youkilis- 1-6 .167avg/.167ops

Drew- 0/2 2K’s

Bay- 2/5 .400avg/.500ops

Lowell- 1/10 .100avg/.182ops

Varitek- 8/18 .444avg/.500ops

Lugo- 4/22 .182avg/.217ops

 Based off this and pretty much every time Johan has the ball, we got a shot to win tonight boys and girls. Lets go Mets!!

Cant wait till he gets his for the NL
Cant wait till he gets his for the NL

Where will Derosa Play?


Ok so we know from this morning, the Mets are eyeing Derosa. Now we all know Derosa is pretty much a jack of all trades..being that he has played every position except catcher and pitcher, but i wonder where will he truly play. Cora will be back in 15 games so he can cover the infield and Murphy looks to get more time at 1b after his great performance last night. I would assume then that since Tatis would be the reserve 1bman and successor if Murphy doesn’t work out, then Derosa would have to play the outfield. If that’s the case…should we be shopping for an outfielder that would start over Sheffield/Tatis/Reed? Now i know Derosa has the advantage in that he plays both the IF and OF but i wonder if there is an outfielder that’s available that we should be looking for instead. Time will tell and Omar is defiantly under pressure but strategically speaking…You have Murphy as your starting 1bman and Tatis to back him up/Reyes will be back in a few days and so will Cora to back up the starting to lose the reason why we are trading Derosa in the first place. Yes i know people will say because they have to see Ramon Martinez in the lineup but…Cora should be back in a few days..what do you do with Derosa when that happens??

Quite possibly our biggest pursuer for Derosa’s services the Brew Crew, This is what “Brew Crew Ball Blog” has to say about that:

“Meanwhile, we continue to discuss options at second base. The Indians are looking to deal Mark DeRosa, but want big-league ready pitching in return, and the Brewers don’t have a lot of that hanging around, unless the Indians would accept someone like Tim Dillard or Seth McClung. As of this writing, 62% of voters in this poll would prefer the Brewers stick with internal options. Casey McGehee started at second and went 2-for-3 with a double and a walk last night.”