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Boring off day….(except for the peavy saga)

One thing that i hated on the “other blog” was an off day. It was so boring and there was not much to talk about. One thing that i want to try here is to have something to talk about and keep those brain juices churning…so for this off day i want to know:


heres some help:


And we got a winner…

Indians Spring Baseball

according to MLBTR:

Mets Interested In Mark DeRosa

According to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse, the Mets have been talking to the Indians about acquiring Mark DeRosa.  With Jose Reyes‘ injury last night, Price says “now that move makes even more sense.”

What would it take to get DeRosa, who is hitting .255/.322/.427 in 174 plate appearances this year?  First off I’d guess full relief of the $4.1MM still owed to him.  Beyond that the rumor yesterday was pitching that could help the Indians this year.

Under The Radar…

In light of the potential blockbuster deal with Jake Peavey (he has not decided yet), I wanted to speculate about Adrian Gonzalez. Now I know people have thrown his name in and probably the Mets don’t have enough to trade him but I want to address the other side of the argument. A lot of people say that the padres have no reason to trade Adrian and they may have merit to that looking at his contract:

07:$0.5M, 08:$0.75M, 09:$3M, 10:$4.75M, 11:$5.5M club option (no buyout)

My counter argument is the padres got a kid by the name of Kyle Blanks in the minors. He is 6’6 285 pounds of hurt and is one of the top power hitting prospects in the minors. He is 22 years old and has already hit 8 HRs in the minors. Now we all know the padres if peavey accepts the deal probably won’t be competitive for quite some time. It seems unlikely that the padres would trade Adrian its not like they don’t have an option for the future. Again I agree it does not seem likely that the padres would trade Adrian but having a prospect like that in the minors must open the door at least little bit. San Diego is currently 18-22 and 10 games out of first which in that division with the Dodgers, its pretty much safe to waive the white flag.

Under pressure??…

under pressure


The Mets are on a 4 game losing streak, they have lost 2 starters and the most intelligent baseball player in the game in Alex Cora and a “lights out” reliever that seems to be afflicted by a different ailment depending on the performance. Despite all of this, the Mets find themselves today 1 game out of first place but the news just keeps getting grimmer by the game. Currently, the Mets have Ramon Martinez and Angel Pagan up from the minors to help out but Pagan has been the only one that has been of some assistance. Now, I don’t think injuries can be put on Omar since there is no way to know what will happen in the future but what concerns me is the lack of preparations for the worst. It seems to me anyway that there was no real contingency plan for anything. Granted im sure Nick Evans dismal start to the season was not expected but now the Mets are in between a rock and a hard place and I wonder…how will Omar react this time to the pressure. 

Last time he was faced with a crisis in his roster, we got Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez from the pirates in 2006. This year we are looking like the economy in that we are getting worse news by the day. There are some glimmers of hope in Murphy’s performance yesterday at 1b and the tag champs beltran/wright but that is not getting the job done. Rumors are firing around at 100mph about potential trades and I wonder who would be on the trading block for us? If we had talent good enough to trade, why are they not up here helping us in the first place? Our only hope is the teams we may be trading with are not looking for ML ready players and we can get a contract off their hands. Bottom line is the Mets offense is not looking too good and our two best guys are not even slumping. The scary part is they are going to cool off eventually and that can happen literally any day now. Pressures on Omar…you got a playoff talent ridden team that has been littered with injuries and are presiding over 2 very unsuccessful seasons back to back with a new stadium to fill…what do you do… What do you do??


The Injury Report



I just thought this was a funny picture(;p). Here is the lowdown on the walking wounded

  • Carlos Delgado– May 19 1B Carlos Delgado is expected back in uniform in 10 weeks, GM Omar Minaya said. Dr. Struan Coleman performed arthroscopic surgery on Delgado’s right hip Tuesday morning in Manhattan to repair a labrum tear and address a bone spur. Minaya said he’s content plugging Fernando Tatis and Daniel Murphy at first base in Delgado’s absence. “I see the combination of Tatis and Murphy as full-time guys,” the GM said.
  • Alex Cora-May 21 INF Alex Cora had a splint placed on his right thumb Wednesday and will be re-evaluated by Mets doctors in 10 days. Cora has a torn ligament that may require surgery. He estimated he’d be sidelined for six to eight weeks.
  • Jose Reyes-Following the game, Jerry Manuel told reporters that Reyes and the team’s trainer will likely fly to New York tomorrow to have his leg examined by doctors
  • JJ Putz-Last night, Putz told reporters he is now dealing with a stiff neck, which he described as a ‘nagging thing,’ according at the Daily News.
  • Oliver Perez-May 19 LHP Oliver Perez is scheduled to throw 75 pitches on Thursday in an extended spring training game in Florida. Perez is on the disabled list with right knee inflammation.
  • Brian Schneider-May 21 C Brian Schneider caught an inning and had an at-bat in an extended spring training game in Florida on Wednesday before it was rained out. That signals that Schneider is getting closer to a return from the disabled list. He originally landed there with a muscle strain in his back but since has experienced recurring calf trouble.

FINALLY..I can sleep again..

stressed-out businessman


Heres to the end of 10pm games unitl August(San Diego). These games are tough on a mets fan and I for one am glad its over. I can deal without seeing dodger blue for a while but the only thing is the next time we play them, they will have Manny back. Until then i look foward to a much earlier bed time and drinking less coffee to make it through the day than that guy lol.