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Your New NYM Tag Team Champions

With Delgado out until the ASB(or longer), its nice to know that we still got big guys on this team that do big things. Over the last 10 games David and Carlos put up some really crazy numbers:

David Wright- .361 Avg/.454 OBP/.544 SLG/10 SB/3 HR/28 RBI

Carlos Beltran- .361 Avg/ .461 OBP/.570 SLG/ 6 SB/ 6 HR/ 28 RBI

If Manuel can find a way to have these guys drive in runs and give them the green light to steal, I believe we can stay afloat in this division until Delgado comes back or Omar pulls a rabbit out of the hat trade for a 1st baseman. This team has a lot of weapons and one that I wish they would get back to is the run game. David Wright had 5 SB in the SF series, HALF of his season total in one series. This is a running team and I hate to bring it up but Willie installed that aspect of our game in his time here. I hope Manuel was taking notes..


First Base American Idol

Let the rumors begin. According to MLBTR…Nick Johnson and Mark Derosa are already on the trading block and their respective teams are listening to offers. Now im not a GM(but i did stay in a holiday inn last night ;p) but i believe omar has got to snag one of these guys asap. I know Omar has expressed his content with the way the team is now and that he has always “envisioned” Daniel Murphy to play 1b(even though the last few years murph has been fielding OF and 2b) but from the way it looks so far, Daniel Murphy may never really get the chance to play and learn 1b enough to really hold down the job indefinatly. Again i hope this changes as 1b is a dark hole in this teams depth and Daniel Murphy would be the logical choice, but seeing how manuel says things and does another…get your cellphones ready and text
Mets01-For Aubrey Huff
Mets02-For Nick Johnson
Mets03-For Mark Derosa
to Omars Blackberry for YOUR new First Baseman.
(check with TRS86 for omars number since he seems to know it ;p)

Ladies on the bus…..

“Gangstas in the field…Ladies on the bus”


One of the many quotes jerry Manuel used to reel us in after we have suffered the types of years that nobody could have imagined in this age. The mets these days have lost their annual (it seems) key component to a season that seemed destined for retribution. While I still have faith we can still accomplish our goal, the mets will have to adopt a different image and have to play a different type of game to do a lost art it seems these days…”manufacture runs”. People often wonder why the Philadelphia Phillies have so much success without having really any big names to their club. The answer is very simple…role players. The Phillies have mastered the art of getting the most out of average players such as victorino (feel free to vomit), werth, dobbs and Pedro feliz. I believe the mets have to modify their strategy to incorporate role players to surround what is left from a power driven core. In short…Manuel needs to let these ladies off the bus and give them their “G” back.