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Mets recall Malo? Not!



I have yet to find it from any other source, but according to NY Sports Dog writer Dave Singer, the Mets have recalled middle infielder Jonathan Malo from AAA Buffalo.

So far this season in 16 games with the AA Binghamton Mets, Malo’s batting line is .290 BA/.389 OBP/.403 SLG in 73 plate appearances, and in 19 games with the AAA Buffalo Bisons it is .187 BA/.247 OBP/.253 SLG in 82 plate appearances, so if he has indeed been called up it must be for his glove.

UPDATE: Mr. Singer has added two lines to his post – “Malo may not be there tonight…More to follow.” and “I have a friend with the Bisons, he may have jumped the gun.”  So this is how rumors get started!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The original post at NY Sports Dog is now a ‘mea culpa.’ “Sorry guys, I had it wrong.”  At least Mr. Singer is not afraid to admit a mistake.  NY Sports Dog is a fine read, this episode should not color your opinion of it. Rather, I should get a hobby.  It is after all a Saturday afternoon.



Red Sox Shoot Down Delcarmen-Johnson Trade

per Steve Adams @ MLBTR:

Earlier today, we heard that the Nationals had offered Nick Johnson to the Red Sox in exchange for Manny Delcarmen. WEEI’s Alex Speier is reporting that the Red Sox have officially turned the offer down.

According to Delcarmen’s agent, Jim Masteralexis, the trade was “immediately shot down.” Both Delcarmen and Johnson are having fine seasons, but it looks like the Nationals will have to try something else in order to improve their bullpen.

Today’s Rumors


According to Peter Gammons:How about other players that could be on the trade block? PG: Well, No Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee are not on the trade block. That’s one of those Internet fabrications that isn’t true. The Indians would trade Mark DeRosa if they got major league pitching. Washington with their 2-16 bullpen are trying to move Nick Johnson and Austin Kearns and some of their semi-attractive veteran players to get relief pitchers. I know they offered Nick Johnson to Boston for Manny Delcarmen.

That hasn’t happened and may not until the Red Sox make a decision on David Ortiz. It’s early for trades to happen, but at the same time the Padres/White Sox deal is a reminder that now more teams are interested because more teams believe they have a chance to win in May or early June. And also if you trade for a player before June 1 you get four months of service rather than the two months. I think if there were a trade right now it’s far better for the seller and the buyer.

So with this it is clear that Nick Johnson would cost Parnell.  Uh Oh.

Where will Derosa Play?


Ok so we know from this morning, the Mets are eyeing Derosa. Now we all know Derosa is pretty much a jack of all trades..being that he has played every position except catcher and pitcher, but i wonder where will he truly play. Cora will be back in 15 games so he can cover the infield and Murphy looks to get more time at 1b after his great performance last night. I would assume then that since Tatis would be the reserve 1bman and successor if Murphy doesn’t work out, then Derosa would have to play the outfield. If that’s the case…should we be shopping for an outfielder that would start over Sheffield/Tatis/Reed? Now i know Derosa has the advantage in that he plays both the IF and OF but i wonder if there is an outfielder that’s available that we should be looking for instead. Time will tell and Omar is defiantly under pressure but strategically speaking…You have Murphy as your starting 1bman and Tatis to back him up/Reyes will be back in a few days and so will Cora to back up the starting to lose the reason why we are trading Derosa in the first place. Yes i know people will say because they have to see Ramon Martinez in the lineup but…Cora should be back in a few days..what do you do with Derosa when that happens??

Quite possibly our biggest pursuer for Derosa’s services the Brew Crew, This is what “Brew Crew Ball Blog” has to say about that:

“Meanwhile, we continue to discuss options at second base. The Indians are looking to deal Mark DeRosa, but want big-league ready pitching in return, and the Brewers don’t have a lot of that hanging around, unless the Indians would accept someone like Tim Dillard or Seth McClung. As of this writing, 62% of voters in this poll would prefer the Brewers stick with internal options. Casey McGehee started at second and went 2-for-3 with a double and a walk last night.”