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And we got a winner…

Indians Spring Baseball

according to MLBTR:

Mets Interested In Mark DeRosa

According to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse, the Mets have been talking to the Indians about acquiring Mark DeRosa.  With Jose Reyes‘ injury last night, Price says “now that move makes even more sense.”

What would it take to get DeRosa, who is hitting .255/.322/.427 in 174 plate appearances this year?  First off I’d guess full relief of the $4.1MM still owed to him.  Beyond that the rumor yesterday was pitching that could help the Indians this year.


Under The Radar…

In light of the potential blockbuster deal with Jake Peavey (he has not decided yet), I wanted to speculate about Adrian Gonzalez. Now I know people have thrown his name in and probably the Mets don’t have enough to trade him but I want to address the other side of the argument. A lot of people say that the padres have no reason to trade Adrian and they may have merit to that looking at his contract:

07:$0.5M, 08:$0.75M, 09:$3M, 10:$4.75M, 11:$5.5M club option (no buyout)

My counter argument is the padres got a kid by the name of Kyle Blanks in the minors. He is 6’6 285 pounds of hurt and is one of the top power hitting prospects in the minors. He is 22 years old and has already hit 8 HRs in the minors. Now we all know the padres if peavey accepts the deal probably won’t be competitive for quite some time. It seems unlikely that the padres would trade Adrian its not like they don’t have an option for the future. Again I agree it does not seem likely that the padres would trade Adrian but having a prospect like that in the minors must open the door at least little bit. San Diego is currently 18-22 and 10 games out of first which in that division with the Dodgers, its pretty much safe to waive the white flag.

First Baseman? Mets Need a Shortstop

Jose Reyes has been sent back to NY for test.  We don’t know how long he will be out but many assume he is headed to the DL.  So now what?


With Carlos Delgado out until at least late July, the rumors have swirled around the Mets and first basemen throughout the league.

But what the Mets may really need is a shortstop. Jose Reyes left Wednesday night’s game against the Dodgers with what looked to be an aggravation of the calf injury that kept him out for five games. With backup Alex Cora out indefinitely with a thumb injury, the Mets are now left with a pair of shortstops: Ramon Martinez, who had two errors in his start on Monday night, and Fernando Tatis, who is a “break glass in case of emergency” kind of shortstop.

Even if Reyes returns quickly, the Mets need a credible backup. In house, the Mets have last season’s backup middle infielder Argenis Reyes at shortstop, a decent glove who simply cannot hit. Jose Coranado is struggling so much with the bat, a .141 average at Triple-A, that he is an unlikely recall.

As previously reported, the Indians are fielding offers for Mark DeRosa. But DeRosa hasn’t played more than 20 games at shortstop in a season since 2001-and over his last three seasons, he played a total of nine games there.

From Joel Sherman’s Hardball Blog:

Sherman comes up with the idea of a 3 player trade here.

In summary his idea is Putz to Cleveland for Carroll and DeRosa.

First Base American Idol

Let the rumors begin. According to MLBTR…Nick Johnson and Mark Derosa are already on the trading block and their respective teams are listening to offers. Now im not a GM(but i did stay in a holiday inn last night ;p) but i believe omar has got to snag one of these guys asap. I know Omar has expressed his content with the way the team is now and that he has always “envisioned” Daniel Murphy to play 1b(even though the last few years murph has been fielding OF and 2b) but from the way it looks so far, Daniel Murphy may never really get the chance to play and learn 1b enough to really hold down the job indefinatly. Again i hope this changes as 1b is a dark hole in this teams depth and Daniel Murphy would be the logical choice, but seeing how manuel says things and does another…get your cellphones ready and text
Mets01-For Aubrey Huff
Mets02-For Nick Johnson
Mets03-For Mark Derosa
to Omars Blackberry for YOUR new First Baseman.
(check with TRS86 for omars number since he seems to know it ;p)

Rumors: DeRosa?

According to John Heyman over at the Indians have DeRosa on the block already.  He thinks the Met’s are interested, however have Nick Johnson and Aubrey Huff ahead of him.

While DeRosa is versatile, do we need another jack of all trades or someone who actually plays 1B or LF everydaDeRosa?y?