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Can We Get a Little Help Here?


With Reyes out the Mets are in desperate need of someone stepping up.

In the last series these two stats tell it all

Wright and Beltran 7/18 with 8 walks:  .388 BA .577 OBP

Rest of the team 17/87 with 6 walks: .195 BA .293 OBP


First Baseman? Mets Need a Shortstop

Jose Reyes has been sent back to NY for test.  We don’t know how long he will be out but many assume he is headed to the DL.  So now what?


With Carlos Delgado out until at least late July, the rumors have swirled around the Mets and first basemen throughout the league.

But what the Mets may really need is a shortstop. Jose Reyes left Wednesday night’s game against the Dodgers with what looked to be an aggravation of the calf injury that kept him out for five games. With backup Alex Cora out indefinitely with a thumb injury, the Mets are now left with a pair of shortstops: Ramon Martinez, who had two errors in his start on Monday night, and Fernando Tatis, who is a “break glass in case of emergency” kind of shortstop.

Even if Reyes returns quickly, the Mets need a credible backup. In house, the Mets have last season’s backup middle infielder Argenis Reyes at shortstop, a decent glove who simply cannot hit. Jose Coranado is struggling so much with the bat, a .141 average at Triple-A, that he is an unlikely recall.

As previously reported, the Indians are fielding offers for Mark DeRosa. But DeRosa hasn’t played more than 20 games at shortstop in a season since 2001-and over his last three seasons, he played a total of nine games there.

From Joel Sherman’s Hardball Blog:

Sherman comes up with the idea of a 3 player trade here.

In summary his idea is Putz to Cleveland for Carroll and DeRosa.

It's like Deja Vu All Over Again


Game 1

June 5th:

Final: Padres 2 Mets 1

Met’s Record: 30-29 4.5 games back

Pelfrey 6 innings 1 run

Reyes 2/3 walk

Castillo 0/3

Wright 1/4

Beltran 1/4

Delgado 0/3

Schnieder 1/3

Chaves 0/2

Schoeneweis gives the walk off blow with a HBP.

Game 2

June 6th

Final: Padres 2 Mets 1

Met’s Record: 30-30 5.5 games back

Reyes 1/3

Castillo 1/4

Wright 1/3

Beltran 0/3 walk

Easley (in for Delgado) 1/4

Tatis 0/3

Schnieder 1/4

Chavez 2/4

Johan gives up 2 including 1 unearned in the 6th inning.

Game 3

June 7th

Final: Padres 2 Mets 1 10 innings

Met’s Record: 30-31 6.5 games back

Reyes 0/5

Castillo 1/5 walk

Wright 1/5

Beltran 1/5

Delgado 3/4 walk

Tatis 0/4

Chavez 1/2

Schnieder 1/2 2 walks

Feliciano gives up a walk off HR to Hairston on a 3-1 count in the bottom of the 10th.

So how did/does it come to this?

RamonAs most of the regulars on the ole blog know I have been an Omar supporter as well as the Wilpons.  I am not a big fan of Jerry and grow more and more angry with him daily.

However, how is it that the team with the highest payroll in the NL has a lineup that looks like this?

Reyes, Murphy, Beltran, Wright, Church, Martinez, Reed, Santos, Pitcher

I understand the injury to Delgado.  But did we expect him to be healthy all year?  This is NOT a competitive lineup and SOMEONE is to blame.