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MIAMI — A year ago, Ricky Nolasco established himself as one of the top right-handed starters in the National League.

Now, the 26-year-old is struggling to regain his lost form.

To help him find it, the Marlins optioned Nolasco to Triple-A New Orleans after he gave up eight runs in two innings in Florida’s 15-2 loss to the Rays at Land Shark Stadium on Friday night.

Nolasco, the Marlins Opening Day starter, is now 2-5 with a 9.07 ERA in nine starts.

“What I’m seeing is it looks like he’s lost a little bit of belief in himself,” Marlins catcher John Baker said. “It looks like he’s pitching away from contact.”

In a breakout 2008 season, Nolasco went 15-8 with a 3.52 ERA, racking up 212 1/3 innings. Aggressively, he attacked hitters, striking out 186 and walking only 42.

“We’ve got to get his confidence back,” manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

The Marlins are in a deep slide since opening the season at 11-1.

With Friday’s loss, they’ve lost three straight. Since that hot start, they are 8-23.

Along with optioning Nolasco, the Marlins made a series of moves Friday night.

Sean West will have his contract picked up from Double-A Jacksonville. The left-hander, who was a first-round pick in 2005, will make his Major League debut on Saturday night, getting the start against Tampa Bay.

Also, right-hander Chris Leroux was recalled from Double-A Jacksonville to provide depth to the bullpen.

Lefty reliever Dave Davidson was designated for assignment. Davidson pitched one inning on Friday, giving up five runs while throwing 52 pitches against the Rays.

Entering the season, the Marlins were optimistic because of their starting rotation. However, the starting pitching has labored thus far outside of standouts Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad.

Nolasco’s two innings on Friday marked his shortest start since throwing two innings against the Brewers on Aug. 25, 2006, his rookie season.

The rotation also took a blow when right-hander Anibal Sanchez went on the disabled list on May 8 with a right shoulder sprain. Lefty Andrew Miller also spent time on the disabled list with a right oblique strain.

Miller is back now in the rotation.

boy….Weren’t these the guys that went 11-1 to open the season. As I have been saying everything evens out in the end…Tough blow to the fish.


NL East Chatter

Following this weekend’s inter-league play match up with the AL East’s Boston Red Sox, the Mets will return to NL East play.  Here is a brief look at what some bloggers are saying about the Mets’ next two opponents, the Washington Nationals and the Florida Marlins:

  • At Nats 320 they really like rookie right handed starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann.Washington_Nationals3
  • At Nats Blog they pledge their undying love to San Diego State pitching phenom and potential Nats #1 draft pick Steven Strasburg.
  • At Federal Baseball they really like third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, and they think Jordan Zimmermann is OK too.  No word on how they feel about Robert Zimmerman.
  • Fla MarlinsAt Fish Stripes
    they lament the teams’ latest loss, as well as the demotion of 2008 15 game winner Ricky Nolasco.
  • At Fish @ Bat they briefly question pinch hitter choices and suggest some Marlins to trade.
    • At Marlins Baseball they take a look at the team a quarter of the way through the season.

    Red Sox Shoot Down Delcarmen-Johnson Trade

    per Steve Adams @ MLBTR:

    Earlier today, we heard that the Nationals had offered Nick Johnson to the Red Sox in exchange for Manny Delcarmen. WEEI’s Alex Speier is reporting that the Red Sox have officially turned the offer down.

    According to Delcarmen’s agent, Jim Masteralexis, the trade was “immediately shot down.” Both Delcarmen and Johnson are having fine seasons, but it looks like the Nationals will have to try something else in order to improve their bullpen.

    A Look Back, Seem Familiar?


    Join me in a trip down memory lane.


    Game- 40 May 16 boxscore NYM   COL L 3 4 11 20-20 4 7.0
    New York Mets                AB   R   H RBI   BB  SO    BA   OPS  Pit  Str   PO   A  Details
    J McEwing CF                  5   0   1   0    0   1  .231  .747   17   14    1   0   2B,GDP
    D Bell RF                     5   1   2   0    0   0  .356  .985   19   15    1   0   2B
    E Alfonzo 2B                  4   0   2   0    1   1  .346 1.014   21   14    2   1
    M Piazza C                    5   0   1   1    0   1  .373 1.172   15   10   14   0
      T Wendell P                 0   0   0   0    0   0  .000  .000              0   2
    R Ventura 3B                  5   1   2   1    0   0  .238  .830   15    9    0   3   HR,2B
    T Zeile 1B                    4   1   3   1    1   1  .296  .886   26   15   12   1   HR,2B,CS
      K Abbott PR                 0   0   0   0    0   0  .234  .578              0   0
    B Agbayani LF                 5   0   1   0    0   2  .283  .797   17   14    2   0
    R Ordonez SS                  3   0   0   0    0   0  .170  .492   10    7    1   6   SH,GDP
      M Franco PH                 1   0   0   0    0   1  .139  .401    3    3    0   0
    R Reed P                      2   0   0   0    0   0  .188  .410    9    6    0   0
      M Johnson PH                0   0   0   0    1   0                5    1    0   0
      J Franco P                  0   0   0   0    0   0                          0   0
      A Benitez P                 0   0   0   0    0   0                          0   0
      J Nunnally PH               1   0   0   0    0   0  .196  .763    6    3    0   0
      T Pratt C                   0   0   0   0    0   0  .356  .979              0   0
    Totals                       40   3  12   0    3   7              163  111   33  13

    Open Thread

    “We were born with baseball in our blood. It’s more than just a sport. It’s a passion. It’s an opera. It’s just a way of being. It’s almost like breathing,”  Omar Minaya


    Here’s what you missed on Friday, May 22, 2009:

    What’s on your mind?

    The Lesser of Two Evils

    Early in the game, Gary, Keith and Ron or GKR (The cool kids say GKR) discussed who they would root for between the Yankees and Phillies series this weekend.  Gary without hesitation stated the Phillies, citing his and most Mets fans hatred towards the Yankees.  He also added it’s still relatively early in the season to be scoreboard/standings watching.  Though I understand his rationale behind this, I still made the face of a kid sucking on a sour patch.

     yankee_fan-739206Look, I hate the Yankees as much as the next guy, in fact I have an extra zip to my step whenever they lose and the Mets win, but there’s no way you can root for the Phillies in this match-up.  Have we not learned anything from the last 2 yrs?  Every game matters!  The Mets missed out on the playoffs in 2007 and 2008 by losing on the last day of the season.  They missed out because of ONE game!  Now I wont be making plans for the 2010 season because Philly beat the Yanks tonight (7-3) but I most certainly want the Yankees to give the Phillies as many losses as possible.


     phillies%20fanAs far as hatred goes, I’m split.  I live in Flushing, obviously Mets Country, but also work in downtown Manhattan surrounded by obnoxious, douchebag Yankees fans.  I hate them because of their sense of entitlement and the fact that they, for the most part, buy their championships.  The Phillies on the other hand, I hate for obvious reasons.  Hate is such a strong word so let me retract that.  How bout loathe.  Their inferiority complex towards the Mets and New York is undeniable (ex: Calling out the Mets after winning the World Series).  Their fans are also the ugliest in the game.  Literally and figuratively.  There was a report last year that had Philly as having the “ugliest” inhabitants in the US.  (Hey, I don’t make this stuff up.)  There was also a 20/20 report on how lousy and downright low class the fans of Philadelphia teams were.  Going to a Mets/Phillies game in April 2008 backed up that theory along with getting into a confrontation with a couple of Phillies fans in a bar.

    Gary Cohen, I think you’re a great Mets broadcaster.  You’re smart, witty and a real Mets fan, but wanting the Phillies to beat the Yankees?  C’moooon, maaaaaan!

    Think McFly!

    think mcfly

    The Mets problem so far in this young season..base running mistakes. Daniel Murphy tried a balls to the wall play by trying to go to third via a sacrifice bunt by Castillo. Murph’s rationale on that play was that no one was covering 3rd(Lowell was slightly off base). I understand the aggression and it would have been a hellova play but cmon…ya cant make an out at 3rd…ESPECIALLY WITH THE HOTTEST HITTER IN BASEBALL CARLOS BELTRAN COMING UP TO THE PLATE!! Daniel was obviously frustrated and Manuel was talking to him on the side. What is going on with the mental mistakes on this team? They are way too talented for this and they are better than that. Granted we won the game but as Mitch Williams from MLB Network said tonight “you cannot pitch yourself out of errors and mistakes all season, they will catch up to you eventually”. He could not be more right. The writing is on the wall for this club, they know what they have to address. What worries me is i don’t know if the Mets know how…

    Btw…If you have not seen MLB Network…you must. It is awesome! I have not watched ESPN in days….

    mlb network

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